the burn 24/7: winston salem & Greensboro

We are apart of the Burn 24/7 Global family. The Burn is a movement of burning hearts all across the globe returning back to their first love and then taking that love to nations. Our core is communities unifying around the Presence of God for "burns" consisting of 12 to 100 hours of nonstop of worship and prayer at least once per month. Burn “furnaces” host monthly, weekly or sometimes daily sessions of unending worship, prayer and adoration for extended non-stop worship times. Worship teams representing churches across the city, take 2-hour shifts to worship, pray and to contend revival in the church and transformation of cities and nations.

If you would like to lead worship, play in one of the bands, paint, lead an intercession set or serve with Burn Winston Salem or Burn Greensboro please send us an email